Madame mode = Noodle mode

Being a student means you get to eat a lot of outside. Well, I do. Making your breakfast, lunch and dinner at night or in the morning is no option. Only if you like plain wheat bread with cheese all day long(gotta keep it dutch) . The cheese will be like blue cheese at noon but well, again thats for admirors and le French people.

So last week my boyfriend and I were really hungry. He already finished his lessons and waited for me to finish mine. Almost letting him starve to dead (he waited 1,5 hours) we went to the center of Amsterdam. He checked out some addresses where they sold noodles! And there was one quite near Amsterdam Central Station, in a street next to ' Nieuwedijk'.

The noodlebar ' Wok-To-Walk' was a little noodlebar with orange lights. Just like the redlight district but I guess this isn't for old dirty men but for asians and noodlelovers :p It wasn't really big but they had all sorts of sauces. Not really the regular tastes. We both ordered noodles with a curry-coconut sauce. It included some basic noodles, veggies and some egg. But nothing more. The price was already steep (5 euro) for a small portion.

After getting seated , which was hard since there wasn't much space, we later got our boxes. My noodle-box was fully loaded but my friend's was only half-full. And his was even more expensive because he ordered chicken with it. Which was an additional 1,50! He hoped for a complete chicken filet but having counted we only came down to 3 small pieces. So it was kind of dissapointing.

But the next day we went for a rematch in Arnhem. For 5,50 euro we got noodles with everything on it. Noodles, veggies, lots of chicken, bamboo, tauge, chinese mushrooms AND even a drink. The box was filled to the top and I couldn't even eat it all at one time. So I took it home and enjoyed it later. That means I enjoyed it twice a day :p I love the noodlebar at the 'Korenmarkt' called Wok it! And to the other I say...Fock it!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wok it in arnhem is the best! Ik ga er wel eens heen met twee vriendinnen na school, en ik krijg het ook nooit op:P Dan vind ik het zonde en neem ik het mee voor die avond, maar helaas houd mijn broertje ook wel van noodles...

  2. Jaaa! Ik neem het ook altijd mee naar huis haha maar gelukkig heb ik geen broertje thuis die het op eet :p