The biological market on the Noordermarkt

As I promised in my last post; here are the pictures I made on the biological/farmer market on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam (Saturday the 15th). Now you can get a better impression of the ambience! There are also some pictures in my collage from other places nearby the Noordermarkt. (maybe nice for the people who are not from Holland to taste the real Amsterdam vibe ;))

And here on the left you can see my outfit from that sunny day (the brown skinny jeans where a little bit too hot!)
- Shirtdress: H&M trend
- Darkgreen woven bag: from an Outlet in Montreal
- Brown skinnyjeans: store in Montreal
- Vintage blue/white shoes: Dutch auction site

This morning I was at the Noordermarkt again but because it's Monday that means it is vintage-clothing-market-time! I've seen a lot of cool people overthere! (pictures will follow later on)

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  1. I just love your dress! Have seen it several times at H&M and on people but I just don´t have aaaaaany reason to buy it. But it so pretty! Hugs