Good looking people in Amsterdam

Have I already told you that I'm temporarily a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute? I'm doing a minor there for six months! The minor is about Visual Culture. We have several projects where we have to do a lot with visual things. Looking at photo's, movies but ofcourse also analyse them. The theme of the minor is 'Fashion in the City' and because the school is situated in Amsterdam we have to focus on fashion and visual culture in Amsterdam. I really like it but sometimes it is too much focused on Amsterdam. There are more cities in The Netherlands that are interesting to analyse but for the school and the teachers its easy. And most of the students come from Amsterdam or live there whereas i'm from Alkmaar so for me its harder to do assignments.

Last saturday my mom and I visited the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam because I needed to take some pictures for one of my assignments. The Noordermarkt is a square in the Jordaan neighbourhood in Amsterdam where they have a big market on saturdays and mondays. On saturdays there is a biological/ecological/farmers market where they sell fresh products. A real cosy atmosphere with the smell of all sorts of fruits, vegetables and other kinds of food. As for Mondays there is a vintage market with clothes, shoes, antiques and...ehhh everything you probably want as a fashionista! And everything is for low prices. Back to where I was, my mom and I went to the biological market. Yeah sounds strange, but it was for the assignment! I would have gone monday ofcourse :p The weather was really good so we enjoyed it a lot that day.
Soon I will post some more pictures of that nice day but first I wanted to show you the pictures I made there from some good looking people. Here they are: (and some pictures I took today at Amsterdam Central station and Metro station Weesperplein)

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