And what was I wearing?

This is what I wore myself that day on the Noordermarkt.
- White dress (H&M)
- Grey tights (Ebay)
- Vintage shoes (Dutch auctionsite)
- Leather jacket (found it that day at the Noordermarkt)
- Orange scarf
(found it that day at the Noordermarkt)

As you can read I bought the jacket and the scarf overthere!
I first wore a brown blazer with my fake fur scarf but when I buy something new I want to wear it right away!
So then my boyfriend and I used the fur scarf for something else.
Aren't we a cute bunny couple?! advertentie

2 opmerkingen:

  1. aah, wat leuk die foto's van jou en je vriendje:D

  2. haha alleen hij vindt het geloof ik niet zo heel leuk om met die foto hier op de staan :p