I'm home, back to reality!

It always feels a little bit sad when coming home from a nice vacation. It means that all the good things that happend turn into sweet memories and the "normal life" starts again. (Read: working, school and other kinds of obligations) That's why I try to make as many pictures when travelling so I can watch my pictures when I have a stressy time and think back about the good times. (Then it also stimulates me to save money for next years holiday) Right now I'm having this sad feeling because Canada was just great! Such an amazing country! We did a lot of nice things, although 2 weeks was too short. But I will come back!

I went to Canada with my boyfriend and his parents and we stayed at my bf's aunt, uncle & cousin
in Montreal. They live there since a year in a nice appartment in the center of the city! The first day in Montreal we arrived tired and confused because they left some of our baggage in Philadelphia.(very bad and slow baggage transport and customs interfering checking some luggages) My advise: never travel through the USA when you want to go to Canada. They are very firm so we almost missed our next flight! I still don't understand why we had to go through customs and be in the US and go back through customs. The queues are so long and the officers are grumpy and slow! By the time we got through first customs it was 15.25 and our flight was leaving! at 15.30. Boarding time was probably 15.00 but we were still in the queue. With sweat on our foreheads we ran an arrived at the gate. It was delayed! Phewww! So we eventually made it on the flight to Montreal! When you go to the USA or Canada, try to go with a direct flight! It may cost you 100 dollars more but you won't have troubles with all the customs and running and best of all, your luggage won't be somewhere else on the world!

The next day we had planned to go to the Niagara Falls, a seven hour trip by car from Montreal. Driving along Lake Ontaria and passing by Toronto. We were scared our missing bags would be lost or wouldn't come in time to go with us! I instantly went shopping at the thrift store so I would have enough clean clothes to wear. (good excuse huh?). But pretty soon we got our bags back savely. We could savely go to Niagara Falls now. Like I said it was at least seven hours driving. We printed out maps and routes but we still drove wrong. The roads and signs are really rubbish over there! Some signs are at the exit themself, so when you see the sign you know you are too late haha. Isn't that silly? So after seven hours, toronto's rushhour, roadworks,congestions to Niagara Falls and accidental detours we finally got at our Motel @ lundy's lane. A big lane with all Motels, Hotels, Stores and restaurants. The weather was so nice and they even got a swimming pool so we had to get in their soon. My love had an appointment with some friends of his at Toronto Motorsportspark in Cayuga the same day. They asked if he would come to MOTM ( Meeting of the Mazda's). A big event for Mazda's. William is a big Mazda-fan (the girls loves clothing the boy loves cars right ;)) So after checking in and leaving our luggage(bags + parents hihi) we instantly went there. Another one hours driving. I'm suprised my friend wasn't dead after such a long drive already. The meeting was very nice and some of the cars were really stunning. At 7pm we got back at the motel and it was time for a splash in the pool.

The next day(Saturday) it was time to visit the one and only Niagara Falls! I can tell you they were as impressive as I imagined! The city Niagara Falls was one big event. Lights, music; just everything to keep tourists entertained. The weather got a bit worse, light rain but we already got wet by the rising mist from the Falls.

On the next day in our busy agenda we drove to Mississauga where other family from my bf lives. They invited us to come and visit them and they eventually pursuaded us to sleep the night over so we could go check out Toronto the next day! Yeah! That same day we went shopping in the biggest mall from Ontario and at the salvation army in Mississauga. Next day we visited Chinatown and Downtown Toronto.

It was time to leave Mississauga, Ontario and head back to Montreal, Quebec! In Montreal we drove a lot to check out the whole city. I'm glad we rented a car otherwise we couldn't see all the things we wanted. Walking or cycling is just out of the question there. I saw a big article in the newspaper about cyclists and pedestrians. Now whats special about that would we say here but there its really extraordinary. Some of the things we did in Montreal: visiting the Mont Royal(mountain/hill in Montreal), the big underground mall Centre Eaton, factory outlets and we also did a lot of thrifting! (als in Toronto, Mississauga and Niagara Falls!) I love Value Village and Fripe prix!! The stores are so big and there are really nice cheap finds. I want to move these stores to the Netherlands ;) Ooh my, I bought a lot! My suitcases where totally exploding haha I will show my purchases soon here, be patient, it is worth waiting ;) First I will show you some vacantion shots! (look on the bottom of this long story)

Funny thing was that we also visited a party at the Indonesian embassy in Ottawa. It was in the backyard of the embassy which was a humongous house overviewing a big river in the back. Hot. After we left it was around rushhour so we stopped at a mall and went eating at the big Eatery. A&W fastfood mama-menu yummy.

After a few days in Montreal we drove to Quebec (capital of Quebec). I really wanted to go there because I read that this was a really old city with a real French touch. And it really was: big chateau, tiny streets with al kind of old details. Yes yes this city is really worth a visit! One of the nicests cities in Canada. Funny thing is that they talk French here and the further you go to Montreal the more English it gets. We filled up the car 50 miles before Quebec at a small village and the kid that came to fill our car only spoke French! Didn't even understand a single word of English. If you ever go to a place in Canada where they speak French but also speak English, try to speak French first. They appreciate you more than when you start right of talking English. If you start in French but get confused afterwards and continue in English they still think your cool because you tried!

To end our trip we went to National Park Mont Tremblant because I also wanted to see some real nature. Unfortionatly it rained and we just drove trough the mountains by car. Too bad we didn't have a jeep because there were a lot of unpaved roads wich we couldn't enter with our Hyundai Elantra.

When we arrived back in Holland at the airport it was time to pick up our luggage and drive home. But while waiting next to the bagage belt, the bags didn't show up again!! After an hour waiting they told us that the bags were still in Philadelphia ... Nooo not again! Philly sux!

Here are some pictures from our trip: (click click!)

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