Two toned leather sandal shoes

I think these shoes are adorable in a way!
I can see myself wearing them under a skinny jeans or a cute dress.
There is only one problem..
These are mens shoes so there are only very large sizes available on Ebay
But imagine if they were cute womans shoes :p

I'd really like to know what you, my precious readers, think of these shoes; is it a hot or a not?!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. They're a "NOT"! If a guy wears these shoes, I think he'd soon be clicking his heels saying, "There's no place like home...there's no place..."

  2. hahaha you are funny!
    And you are right, when it comes to guys...
    But you have to imagine they are for lady's not for men's ;)

  3. oh and i dont like those shoes for boys and i dont imagine me in them

  4. Thanks Voila!
    And I guess these shoes are a No No
    But still I like them haha

  5. Ik vind ze wel heel leuk.
    Het zou best kunnen dat ik ze aandoe, haha...
    Mar helaas...heb niet echt grote voeten...

  6. Yeah nog iemand die er wel wat in ziet
    Gelukkig ben ik niet de enige haha

  7. I love them in the blue or white... the orange needs some getting used to. Mabe if I had the right outfit...