New shop in Arnhem: Superduper vintage

I heard about a new cool vintage shop in Arnhem so my boyfriend and I decided to check it out!
When I entered the shop I was already excited because it looked perfect and I saw they had sale =D

The name of the shop is Superduper and they have another location in Zwolle.
The shop has 2 levels in an old building with all kinds of old details left over from the medieval. So the ambiance is really good!
The owner of the shop is a young, kind woman who definately knows how to look fashionable!
The dress she wore was adorable!

So when you visit Arnhem please take your time to check out this store!
Shopping pleasure guaranteed ;)

All the clothing and accesoires in the shop are very good priced! (especially in sale ofcourse :) )
I'm glad the prices aren't that high as Episode or Laura Dolls in Amsterdam.
But the items they sell are just that nice!
So you better go to Superduper vintage to find something unique!
Some cute items which caught my eye:And this is what we bought!
My boyfriend found a great Burberry trenchcoat for only 40 euro's.
And I went home with a cute vintage short (2,50 euro)

Superduper Vintage
Kortestraat 28
6811EP Arnhem

5 opmerkingen:

  1. De superduper is geweldig ja! Ik ga altijd naar die in Zwolle. Vooral geweldige oorbellen en pumps. Alleen zijn laatsgenoemde vaak in de echte vintage maatjes, ong. 37/38, en dat is mij toch echt te klein.

  2. I'm sure I'd go crazy in there!!! and shop til I drop:))

  3. Ze krijgen een deze dagen ook een website! zodat je online kan bestellen!
    Super winkel!

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