I fell in love again ...

Sorry boyfriend, this time I didn't fell in love with you again but with my new bag & jacket!
The Fendi bag was a late present for my 21th birthday from my parents.
(Look it matches my sunglasses! They were my birthday present from my boyfriend!)
I just keep looking the whole day at my bag and it smells so nice.

The jacket was just a lucky find!
I already saw it a few months ago when it was just hanging fresh & new in the Zara stores for €100.
But that was just too much for me at the moment.
Today I found it in the sale for only €30!
There was only one piece hanging there in my size, isn't that true luck?
*Click the pic for bigger sizing*

3 opmerkingen:

  1. u are so lucky to get such great presents!!! love them!

  2. Het is inderdaad een leuk jasje!
    Wit en zwart staan je ook erg goed:D