New purchases: summer shoes!

This week we went shopping for my boyfriend, he needed some shoes.
But afterwards I came home with two pair of shoes for myself, that was not so good because I need to save some money for my holiday to Canada! (need to do lots of shopping overthere hehe)
But I guess I really needed this shoes because I always have trouble finding some good shoes for summer. When it is really hot outside I don't like to wear my pumps and all. So flipflops are most of the time a good solution. But for some occasions flipflops aren't the right shoes to wear so I was searching for something else.
That's why I bought these two pair of funny shoes:
Although the weather isn't that sunny right now I still wanted to wear my new pairs.
I guess you all recognize this feeling of wanting to wear your new stuff the next day you bought it or even the same day ;)
So I tried them on with tights and a dress:

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