A special meeting with style hunter Luka

Yesterday it was a lovely sunny day so I went shopping with my mum in Amsterdam! Hooray!

We started our trip with the nine streets area because my favorite shops are definitly located overthere!
While I was looking at a cute pair of mens shoes in the vintage store Lady Day, a fab looking Chinese girl with a big camera and lovely shoes interrupted my adoration for the nice mens shoes. She told me she recognized me from the thefashionspot.com! Then I realized she is the girl behind the Streetstyle blog Greengrassia.blogspot.com. I remembered we already chatted before on the fashion spot! Really funny to meet her there between all the vintage treasures in the Lady Day!
She asked me if I would like to pose for her camera =D (ofcourse I was really flattered because I didn't looked that special). I didn't bring my good, big camera but luckly I had my other small camera with me so I could take a picture from Luka also (because she looked stunning as you can see!)
So please everybody go and check out her lovely streetstyle shoots on her blog! *click click*