It is hard to have a fashionable mom ;)

Why it is so hard? Because she is steeling all my clothes ;)
haha... no I like it!
It is especially nice to shop together because most of the time we like the same things.
Ofcourse not all .. I'm more open for all kind of things but that is kind of logical, when you are getting older you can't wear it all anymore!

But let's talk about the steeling:
A few days ago my mum told me she didn't have a good outfit for an upcoming wedding from a familymember, so you can guess which question she asked me;
"Haven't you got something for me hanging in your closet?!"
So we went searching in my clothingroom, for a nice dress or skirt she could wear.

Finally we decided this Esprit dress looked the best on her! With the grey shrug, for when it is getting colder. Patent black heels and a waistbelt, but ... the yellow or the red one? We couldn't decide yet.
What do you think?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The red one, yellow is more for younger people i think.

  2. Rood is wat netter, mar ik vin dgeel er echt uit springen! Val je wel op tussen de bruiloftsgasten.Ik ga denk ik voor geel, maar als het een superdeftige bruiloft is zal ik rood nemen.

  3. De rode! Zo'n mooi lijntje dat je mama heeft! En met die rode riem lijkt ze nog slanker! Plus het is ook klassieker voor op een huwelijk, de bruid moet met de eer gaan lopen hé, niet je mama ;-)

  4. Thanks for helping deciding girls!
    The red belt is the chosen one :)

    You really made my mothers day by telling her she is slim!


  5. de rode riem!
    de gele vind ik iets te voor iemand van haar leeftijd, sorry =P