My dazzling trip to Berlin!

I can tell you; it was amazing experience! Berlin is such a fantastic city, the whole ambience there really attracted me. Normally I’m not really a germany-fan, I’m more found of France in that way. But Germany surprised me this time with this lovely city! I want to go there again! And you should too ;) Day 1 : Amsterdam - Berlin We went by International train from Amsterdam Central Station. Did some card games and some sleeping. After 7 houres we arrived in Berlin and we went to our Hostel. Me and my boyfriend were very lucky because we got a room for two persons and most of the others from school had to share a room for groups! After installing our stuff in the Hostel we went eating in a Italian restaurant with some people. (very cheap overthere!)

This is my outfit I wore that day:
Day 2: Transmediale festival
We first went to the Transmedial festival because that was a part of the schooltrip. There I’ve seen a really cool exposition with new media art. But then my hands began to tickle; they wanted to shop! So we went with a group to Potsdammerplatz and went there to a big kaufhaus! (shops open till 22.00!). Our feet began to hurt so my bf and I decided to go to the Imax-theater in the Sony building. With our 3D glasses we saw a great movie about the ocean!
In the evening we went to a club named 'Watergate' (it was near our hostel). The ambience in this club was so great! It was located near to the water and they used a lot of glass so it was like the club was floating in the water. The music was great and the people there were also very relaxed. Great fashionstyles I saw there!! I love Berlin!
My outfits from day 2 (day & evening):
Day 3: Shopping!
Early in the morning we started our shoppingtour! First we went to the Hackescher markt. I read it was a fleemarket, but when we arrived it was a little bit dissapointing because it was just a regular market with no bargains :p But we walked a little bit in this area and then we found there some cool shops! A big adidas & paul frank store and some other unique shops. Before I left to Berlin I searched online for some nice vintage shops in Berlin. But it resulted in 3 pages of stores. I guess I need to live there for a year to visit them all. So I decided to pick one which seems the coolest and was close to the subway. I guess I really chose the right vintage shop because my mouth was opening wide when I saw the display! (look at the pictures!). Ooh my, all that shoes! Amazing! But when I entered I was a little bit dissapointed .. I mean: used Converse for 60 euro's? That's the same price as new All stars! It was very expensive .. but hell it was nice to look at! But when we left the store and walked a little bit further we saw a little supermarket where they also sold vintage shoes! So I guess that was the dumpstore from the other vintage shop because all the shoes were a lot cheaper (nice nice!). So I bought two pair of pink heels. (you can see them on the bottom of this big report) Then we went to Kurfurstendamm, that is the main shopping road from Berlin. You can see there a lot of H&M's. (I guess they have 32 H&M's in Berlin!). I bought there a dark blue blazer, a little grey cape with some pink accents. And what was the most stunning: I bought a vintage skirt at H&M! Yess they have vintage in the H&M there ... weird! (you can see it on the picture). We finished our shoppingtrip at the biggest mall of Berlin called KaDeWe. (nice designer shops there!). But then we were so tired so we decided to go to the hostel .. we even didn't see everything! 4 days is too short! So I really want to go back there to finish the Kurfurstendamm haha.
What I wore this day:
Day 4: Back home .. And some pictures from day 4, sad we had to go home ...
Ooh crap .. I made this amazing image before valentine to post with this report. But I'm so lazy and slowly with writing this. So valentine is already over hahaha. But still nice to post! I hope you all had an amazing valentine! We did ;)
This was my last-day-outfit:
All the things I bought during this 4 days: PS: excuse me for this late post ;)

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  1. Heel erg leuke dingen en cool verslag!Dat was het wachten wel waard!

  2. Lily from outer space!28 juli, 2008 00:04

    Hi there:)
    Next week, I'm going to Berlin for a couple of days! It is gonna be a real shopping trip, so i'm glad i found your weblog. So, my question is, where did you bought those amazing pink heels? Do you remember were that little supermarket was located? And did it seem like a 'unique' thing that they had shoes there, or more like a temporary thing?
    Sorry for all these questions, hope you can answer them!

  3. Hi Lily!

    How nice!!
    I looked it up for you:
    You have to go with metro U1 to Görlitzer Bahnhof. You can find the two vintage stores there in the Wiener strasse on the leftside of the street. First you will find one big vintage store and when you walk further you will find the other cheaper one which also is a little supermarket. I think they always have the shoes at that supermarket, atleast they have a lot in the real vintage store!
    You should also go with the metro to Hackeschermarkt, there you will find a lot cool stores in the when you walk into the streets.

    Have fun!!!
    x Leonie

  4. Hi Leonie!
    Thanks for your response, i'm deffinately gonna check it out! One more question (sorry!, how many did you pay for the shoes? And do you remember if they had some shoes in size 40? I dont find vintage shoes in that size often, so... Thanks in advance!

  5. I don't know exactly but I guess they were like 7 euro's.
    In the big vintage store overthere they were more expensive, I guess 20 euro's a pair.

    I don't know if they had size 40, I only look for the 38's ;)