Berlin streetstyle

I still wanted to show you the pictures I took on the Transmediale festival in Berlin. Because there were walking some really well dressed people around I asked them to pose for my camera. My boyfriend and I just bought a new camera (EOS 300d) so it was a little bit trying with this complex camera to make the right pictures (I'm just an amateur with photographing). When I came home I was a little bit dissapointed about the quality of the pictures .. I can tell you these persons looked better in real life! This is the result:

I think this is a really funny outfit. It looks like she didn't think about it at all in the morning. But that is what makes this outfit that beautiful! I really love her silver shoes (you can't see it that well).

These ladies know how to shine with their outfit too! Left: Wonderful red accents! Middle: She had this really nice big leather bag which fitted very good with her boots and her whole look but sadly I'm not that to good photographer to let her show it on the picture. Right: Very nice colouring

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