Viktor & Rolf for H&M, what a drama!

You can't say it was fun to shop at H&M yesterday, it was a total hysteria! Because it was the first day V&R presented their 'I love H&M' collection. Hysteric girls and housewives were screaming, running, fighting and fainting to grab all the clothing they found on their way. The day before I also decided to be there at 9 am. But when my alarmclock buzzed I canceled my H&M-meeting :p I saw it was raining and I dreamed about crowds of people who pushed me on the ground to get their favorite V&R item. But at the end of the day I got regrets of being so lazy. So I went at 5 o'clock pm still hoping they had left MY dress (the olive green silk on size 36). But they didn't :( When I got there they told me everything was sold out. Like wtf. So then I decided to win the battle on 13 november @! I have various strategies in mind to order in the fastest way. I'm practicing all day long how to order on the online shop. I'm convinced that my perseverance is stronger than the H&M online shop that is going to crash. I need to have my own V&R's! These are the 3 items I need to have! The olive green silk dress, puff skirt and black & white lingerie. Doesn't it fit me perfect?!!

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  1. tried purchasing it in any German V&R love H&M shop? Seems no one knows them there.... For instance, I bought 3 items today, no fighting scenes, in fact no one even IN the V&R area!

  2. Ooh really?! That's a great idea!! But do you know what is the nearest shop in Germany from Arnhem? My boyfriend lives in Arnhem and we go sometimes to Germany to shop. I hope you can tell me!
    Thanks hea!!
    x Leonie