Holiday fashion; very laidback!

I'm sorry, awesome people! Why sorry? For not blogging for a long time ofcourse! I hope this blog didn't look dead. It is still alive! Yay! The reason for keeping this blog so quiet: much much work to do and my holiday in France (2 weeks fun and relaxing with monsieur mode).

But ofcourse I also want you to enjoy my holiday a little bit ;) So here are some pictures where you can see what I wore in France (it was hot!).
I had a hard time packing my bags, I wanted to bring my whole wardrobe with me :( Now I had to say goodbye to all my sweet shoes for 2 whole weeks! That is frustrating you know! So after a couple of hours I filled my suitcase with 1 pair of heels, 3 pair slippers and 2 pair of flats. But suprising; in France I only wore my white pair of slippers. Because they are so comfy! I didn't wanted to wear the stupid heels on a hot campside. I think heels don't include campside fashion :p But altough it was steamy hot and my dressingroom was a small tent, I tryed to look fashionable ^_^ What do you think of my holiday look?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. you are looking good, as ever...

  2. That is really a nice compliment!!!
    Thanks, I'm blushed haha
    x Leonie