Update: Madame's jeans collection

It's about time for a new update because I got some new jeans! (bold=new) From top to bottom, left to right: Bershka capri, Les temps des cerises, Rock & Republic crown, Fornarina, Cheap monday skinny, Fake London Genius, Zara skinny(customized), H&M &Denim, Fake London Genius, Guess, Diesel, Frankie B.

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  1. hee madame mode...
    ik las je topic op EG..over die meeting in amsterdam 13 juli.. gaat die nog door..?
    want dat lykt me echt onwys gezellig..:D
    dus als je dit leest wil je me dan even mailen ..?
    myn mail is:

    en me toevoegen op msn kan natuurlijk ook..

  2. Hey Celine!
    ik heb je eventjes toegevoegd op msn :)
    Het lijkt mij ook super leuk .. alleen ga ik een paar dagen daarna op vakantie en ik weet nog niet of ik dan wel tijd heb (meestal stressen voordat ik op vakantie ga) en of ik dan nog wel geld uit wil geven omdat ik natuurlijk alles wil bewaren voor de vakantie! Hhaha
    Maarja ik spreek je dan wel op msn !

    x Leonie

  3. hey, just came by ur blog and saw u have some cheap mondays in ur collection. i was wondering whered u buy them, cos in australia u get dropped dead by them, but so far i dont seem to spot them in the netherlands.

  4. I bought them in Amsterdam at Zipper (a vintage shop but also sells some new things). If you want some more information, you can always ask me!


  5. arr.. i must be getting blind. didnt see it there. will take a look next week. thanks for helping.

    oh, maybe u should take a look at the japanese brand Olive des Olive (yeah. i wrote it down right. its just that japanese and foreign grammar are not compatible. ah well, they have their cuteness to make up for that (^^ )) i think u might like some of the pieces from their collection

  6. oh, what one r talking about? the 9 streets one? or the other one?

  7. 9 streets !
    But I don't know if they also sell it in the other .. maybe?

    I was working a few weeks at the keizersgracht so in my break I was heading every day to the zipper 9streets to look for the cheap mondays. :p

  8. haha why so? waiting for them finally to come in? or do they only carry them occasionally?

    where did u work? van ravenstein? pulitzers?

  9. yes when I went there the first time to buy them .. they only had big sizes. They told me to wait because they were getting new ones in a few days .. so I looked every day! It took 1,5 week they arrived

  10. and I forgot to tell you were I worked!
    At Fashionscene.nl! They have also got other websites like: partyscene.nl and urbanscene.nl. Maybe you know it.
    Infact it wasn't real work but more a 'stage'. But now I finished my 'stage' they also offered me a job, so that's cool don't you think!

  11. awww poor girl, what u have to go through for fashion!