Coco & Pearls vintage fashion show/sale

Past monday I've been to a vintage fashion show/sale in 'De lichtfabriek' in Haarlem (a few miles from Amsterdam). The show was a little bit dissapointing because some of the vintage items on the catwalk were really crappy things. And stupid me; I forgot my camera! But I've found some pictures on Shopgirl. On top you can see one of the outfits I do like.
I also shopped some vintage stuff at the sale!
- A dark blue polka dotted skirt-pants (don't now how to name it)
- A black blazer with some white details.
- A retro print bikini
Total damage = 24 €!

This is the skirt-pants I bought:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. just looked around some more and i must say that that bag looks really nice

  2. Yess that's what I thougt so too ;)
    It's my boyfriend's bag but I really wanted to borrow it! It's such a nice old bag made from good quality leather.


    x Leonie