I'm sorry ladies & gentlemen!

I've been so busy these days that I didn't have time to do my favorite thing: Writing on my Fashion Blog :) I didn't even put my new outfits on . . so that's why I'm now dedicating this whole log to all the outfits I didn't showed you yet! Here we go:

I gave them my personal rate, you can also rate them in a comment ;)

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  1. the picture in the upper left corner and the one on its right made me cry my mascara off (if i had worn any) after realizing amsterdam/the netherlands could b so pretty when there there should b more people walking around like that - the way u combined ur outfit is very often seen in japanese streetfashion

    but imagine: sitting down in front of a cafe will have a whole new dimension - no more 'what was she thinking!' but far more 'that looks nice'. a shift to positivity, which leads to less agression(yes, politicians dont agree on it yet, but let me say to u: agression is 99% of the time because of the bad fashion), which leads to a better community, which leads to more happy hard working people, which leads to a progress of the economy, which leads to more money to buy nice clothes. and the circle is closed. voilà.

    why does the sign says 'fuer frauen'? the parkings are more roomy? (;-__-)

  2. hahah you are so right! They should send no money to the people in the third world country's but send them some nice clothing and a stylist .. and they will become a world leading fortuned coutry ;)

    About the sign: It's so funny hea!! I never saw a sign like that, I was like: :-O !! But we couldn't figure out why they made different parkings for women .. They seemend to have the same space .. weird people that germans haha.

    But thanks for the compliment, really enjoyed your comment!!

    Thanks you, come again :p

    Have a nice evening!

    x Leonie