Time to DRESS up

Funny how you can be so addicted to dresses! I mean I bought a lot dresses these days and I still can't get enough of them.. My closet wants more dresses, they make me feel like a real lady! Please post a comment if you are also a dress-addict. Maybe we can arrange a therapy for it or something :p Anyway .. these are 2 of my new gorgeous girly girly dresses. If you want to know what and how you can always reach me with a nice comment. I know .. I'm lazy..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey,
    Dresses are always good.I'm a dress-addict too;)
    They are so nice!You can wear them every time:):D

  2. Yeah you are so right!
    I guess there are so many people in Holland who don't even know what a dress is! There are too many people who where jeans with a top every day.. They don't know that a dress is very comfi and more flattering on a woman then jeans ;) haha but that is my opinion!

    Keep on wearing them! ;)