My beautiful fashionable boyfriend

Isn't he gorgeous! Yes I know and he is totally mine. I'm a lucky girl :D On the 3rth of may we will be together for 3 years, a nice long time! Let me introduce to you: My love, William!

I think he has a good taste when it comes to clothing. Sometimes he likes to buy very expensive things (especially when he sees nice sunglasses!) but he also loves to shop at H&M. Ebay is also one of his favorite shops ;) It is a complete mix of all styles and brands.

William & Jeans: "There are so much nice jeans for women and men get cheap rip-offs of that! Jeans for men can be pretty boring". That's why he sometimes buys XL womens jeans. I think that is cool :)

My boyfriend is perfect. Why? Because he loves shopping ;) That's all a woman wants in a man right?! haha just kidding. In the old days William was a real fashion lover but now he loves his car more. So he spends all his money on car-parts and there is not much left for clothing. But hell, who cares: William always looks good ;)

Some of his favorite items:

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  1. Leuke vriend zeg !!
    Hij is sexy (h)
    Leuke style heeftie ook !!


  2. Leuke b-friend !!
    Hij is sexy (h) :p

    Leuke style heeft ie ook !!
    Je hebt geluk met hem =)

  3. You're boyfriend is gay!

    I'm kidding ;)

    Say hi to your friends at the Ellegirl forum



  4. I can see fake london and lacoste ;)

  5. hee, dat is in de H&M in alkmaar :D

  6. haha jep dat heb jij goed gezien!
    Ik woon in Alkmaar dus vandaar ;)

  7. i seem to like this blog, dont i.

    first i cherished the hope ur bf was gay and u were trying to pull a prank right here. and i clamped onto that thought until u started about the car ( (;-__-) am i so stereotyping i think gay guys cant like cars? yeah. for fun). collapse. then my hopes got back up again when seeing him 'examine' the H&M mannequin (O__o) even i never did thát.

    and i dont know what a woman wants in a man, but a man wants a man to be cute, hot and good in bed. further, ur bf is totally right. we get the cheap rip off version from girls' pants and far less 'extreme' boring ones (watch the skinny pants). i guess its because most dutch guys dont have the guts to b or to try something different. the worst (or maybe not) thing is, i still have a size M in a girls jeans (;-__-) i think u'd b surprised to know how many guys wear girls jeans (not the ones with glitters, pink feathers and beads).

  8. ok.. i admit. i didnt really get my hopes up. haha

  9. you are so funny :p
    But indeed there is no hope .. he's mine! hihi. And yess he is totally straight, but infact he is looking at the h&m doll because I told him to, so u c, no chance for u ;)

    But I don't now any other guys who wear womens clothing .. they are all to afraid that somebody will notice it and they will loose their masculinity! I think guys like that don't know what creativity means!

    But why got this log of my boyfriend somuch comments? :o This blog is about ME guys! haha, Am I not interesting enough or what?

    Okay I go to sleep now!
    last question:
    Where are you from?

    x Leonie

  10. weeeell.. u have a part missing (;-__-) and two were there shouldnt b any haha. i rest my case

    im from amsterdam

  11. what do you mean? which part is missing? I don't understand :o
    Tell me! I want to have a complete blog ;)

    But why are we talking english when you are from amsterdam :p
    Nederlands is ook goed haha

  12. haha well, i thought it would b nice to keep ur blog international since ur entries r written in english, so all the comments can b read by everyone too and they dont have to double ask a question.

    ok. now about the missing part. come on girl, u can do it! ill give u a clue: what sets boys apart from girls? what does a boy have that a girl doesnt? and which two things are (hopefully) missing when u have a guy in vision?
    got it? (;^^)

    maar nederlands kan natuurlijk ook