Cross & Bow

Look! there is a cross on my ass! I ironed it on my zara skinny jeans and demolished the studs which where on it, studs are too punky for me. Now it looks a little bit like Fake London jeans, that was actually not my purpose but okay it
looks better than before in my opinion! The tanktop is from Divided, H&M.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi!nice blog;) I really like your style:) sorry I'm not good in English.I'll back here:)

  2. Thanks somuch Miqa!
    My english is also really bad .. but i'll try to do it good ;)
    From wich country do you come?
    See you soon back here !
    byee x Leonie

  3. Your English is very good and I can't write one comment good:/I'm from south Poland.Salute:)

  4. Hey meid!

    Sorry dat ik dit hier plaats want het heeft er totaal niets mee te maken..Maar ik heb een tiffany alana jurk gewoon op ebay bij winkeepies maar ik heb nogal wat problemen met betalen..
    Ik hoorde dat jij je rokken ook bij winkeepies hebt gekocht , dus ik heb je hulp momenteel even hard nodig!

    Zou je me alsjeblieft zo snel mogelijk even willen mailen op

    Alvast erg bedankt!

    Groetjes Denise (Snieze op ellegirl)

  5. hello:) write something...please..I'm wait for a post..please write for me;)

  6. Hey Miqa!!
    I'm so sorry.. I didn't know there where people wanting me to write here ;)haha
    I am so busy these days .. for school I have work placement at so I'm working there 4 days a week and mondays college so there isn't many time left for me to write on my blog :( But maybe i'll try to do it tonight!!
    thanks somuch for your comment!
    hear from you soon :)
    byee x Leonie