Flower Power

This is my new vintage floral skirt! I had to buy it because the rose top from Zara was totally sold out and the floral Banana Republic wrap top I just bought on Ebay didn't fit me :( And it was still in my head, I needed to have something with roses on it!! But when I was surfing on Marktplaats I found this perfect skirt! Wauww!

The leather belt is also new!
It's wonderfull because you can wear it just the way you like, on the hips or waist! I found it on a belgium auctionsite Yezzz, it's comparable with the Dutch auctionsite Marktplaats.

And finally the beige vintage pumps are new. But I'm selling them; they don't fit me well, they hurt! But it's nice to have them on the photo to remember them ;)

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